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Finance And Investing Basics To Get Your Started, with M1 Finance VP of Operations, Hanane Bouchareb

Why is anything related to personal finance complicated? Well, because there are so many options out there! Same as anything else. Think of your health - so hard to know what's actually good for you to eat. There are basics that we can lean on though. Like eating healthy, whole foods and protein is always a good idea. In personal finance, start small by just trying. You'll learn what "works" for you once you start!

M1 Finance's Mission: Invest, borrow, and spend on one intuitive platform.

About our guest, Hanane Bouchareb:
Hanane Bouchareb oversees all of M1’s operations, working to ensure a positive experience for all clients as they invest, borrow, and spend. While at M1, Hanane spearheaded the launch of the M1 Spend checking account, expanded the operations team, and harnessed her operational knowledge to improve products on the platform.

Previously, Hanane worked for Enova International, where she focused on launching new products and operationalizing processes. Hanane is of Moroccan heritage and loves cooking traditional cuisine, playing tennis, and reading inspiring work from authors such as Brené Brown. Hanane holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Finance and Marketing from Loyola University in Chicago.

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About the Host: 

Sara Quiriconi is an actress, artist, entrepreneur and creative storyteller, inspired and driven to empower others to be resilient, never settle, live well and live free.

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