Marriage Mental Health Reset Tool At Home & When Traveling — 95% of the time, we're on the same page. The other 5%, we're human. Here's how we RESET as a couple keeping our mental health meter in check. - Featuring my husband and master life coach, Chad Weller: — In the journey of marriage, conflicts are inevitable. It's how we navigate these challenges that define the strength of our bond. Communication is key, but sometimes we need a reset tool to breathe new life into our relationship and prioritize our mental health. Couples can benefit greatly from utilizing a marriage mental health reset tool. It serves as a reminder to pause, breathe, and realign with each other. This tool empowers partners to address conflicts with empathy and understanding, fostering a deeper connection and harmony within the marriage. Remember, your mental health matters in your marriage. Embrace the opportunity to reset, communicate openly, and nurture a relationship that thrives on love and mutual respect. Bookmark this clip, subscribe to my channel, and comment in below what other fitness/yoga topics you want me to cover and share in upcoming videos, in my home studio and abroad traveling. Thanks for being a part of the WELLNESS JOURNEY, Warriors! #mentalhealth #tvhost #personaldevelopment — ► Subscribe to NEVER SETTLE Podcast Series : Entrepreneur Wellth-being ► Join the LIVE FREE WARRIOR Community : eCourses and Training ► Read about my journey as a WELLNESS Leader & Entrepreneur:: ► Read my book "Living Cancer Free" redefining what is a cancer and my journey to remove them: ► Talent & Acting Reel: — ► Subscribe to my channel here: — Follow Me Online Here: Instagram: LinkedIn: Website: