The first planner structured for the goal-oriented mind fueled with the creative spirit for developing the character, habits and lifestyle that foster long-term success—written and created by actress, author, entrepreneur and award-winning filmmaker, Sara Quiriconi. LEARN MORE: This 2-in-1 planner and journal features writing prompts, character breakdowns, daily planning, routine structure, self-assessments, and a variety of personal development tools to help you move from supporting character to being the lead and hero in your daily life story. ORDER HERE: WHAT YOU’LL GAIN: Design your days with passion and purpose feeling empowered using the Be The Lead daily planner. This 2-in-1 daily planner and journal gives you the structure and tools to: • Gain clarity and focus on your personal, professional and lifestyle goals • Create confidence in your actions • Develop a resilient mindset • Accelerate your growth with effective structure • Allows for freedom to take risks and find JOY in the daily progress The Be The Lead Planner includes: • 2-in-1: planner features daily schedules and journal prompts • Undated Calendar: 13 weeks (91 days) for quarterly use at any time of year • Daily Pages: mindset tracking, evening reflections, and morning mindset prompts • Weekly Pages: the Be The Lead Director’s Notes • Quarterly Character Breakdown Pages: tools and exercises for creating the Lead Hero character you’re living into Whether you’re an artist, actor, entrepreneur, student, or professional, this planner will help anyone seeking to be a powerful creative on your life journey towards long-lasting leading performance—and being the hero leading with courage, risk and strength in every role you play moving forward in your life story. LEARN MORE: