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EP 07: Ghost: Why Perfect Women Shrink” Author Interview : Iona Holloway

A true warrior spirit, Iona Holloway is best-selling published author, leading life coach, and contributing writer for publications such as Entrepreneur. Delving into details about her recently published book, “Ghost: Why Perfect Women Shrink” and the inspiration behind her writing, including overcoming many of her own personal struggles with perfection, shrinking and addictions.

Highlight Topics in this interview include:

  • Trading perfect for brave
  • Viewing Addictions and Behaviors as “Life Rafts”
  • The struggle, and benefit, of allowing for vulnerability
  • How she “Broke” in her late 20s, which later led to “Ghost”
  • Staying motivated, but being OK to ask for help
  • Living outside of what “we’re supposed to be”
  • How Iona got into coaching, breath work, and the certification path
  • Developing Trust In Relationships
  • The KEY to creating vulnerability (intimacy) in relationships
  • Iona’s “Never Settle” attitude

Iona Holloway is a speaker, the Number 1 best-selling author of "Ghost - Why Perfect Women Shrink" and founder of Brave Thing, a movement that provides kind and blunt support for strong women who struggle invisibly. She'll help you trade in perfect for brave through vulnerability, creativity, and breathwork.

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Sara Quiriconi is an actress, artist, entrepreneur and creative storyteller, inspired and driven to empower others to be resilient, never settle, live well and live free.

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