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This Mineral Deficiency Causes Anxiety and How You Can Fix It — Wellbeing Doesn't Have to Be Expensive, with Asutra founder, Stephanie Morimoto

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From migraines, muscle pain, better sleep, reduced inflammation and more... magnesium is a super mineral used by every organ in your body — especially your heart, muscles, and kidneys. More on its benefits, uses, what's better — topical or ingested — forms of magnesium, and more in this episode.

Asutra's Mission: Self care and wellness are often seen as luxuries, Asutra is focused on making self care accessible.

About the founder & CEO, Stephanie Morimoto:
Stephanie is Owner & CEO of Asutra, where we're passionate about helping people take care of themselves on purpose so they can get the most out of life – what we call active self care. Asutra offers over 50 organic, natural remedies for pain relief, sleep and rejuvenation, so you can care for yourself well.
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About the Host: 

Sara Quiriconi is an actress, artist, entrepreneur and creative storyteller, inspired and driven to empower others to be resilient, never settle, live well and live free.

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