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Toxic Fashion - What Chemicals Are Used In Clothing?? with ENCIRCLED Founder, Kristi Soomer

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Do you know what's really in your clothing that you wear daily? Most clothes are treated with some type of chemical, but some more toxic than others — and are being hidden from the consumer mind. Kristi Soomer, Founder of ENCIRCLED Clothing, based out Canada, uncovers her journey towards founding a clothing line based on clean, sustainable brand and style, while bringing awareness to this often covered topic to the consumer.

Kristi's Mission: Creating a slow fashion brand in an industry that does exactly the opposite.

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About our guest, Kristi Soomer:
Kristi founded Encircled to create a brand that I couldn’t find out there - a brand that didn’t compromise.  She is committed to ensuring a transparent manufacturing process from start to finish, along with fair wages and good working conditions for her team.

Encircled aims to inspire its customers to live a minimalist, eco-conscious lifestyle focused on the mantra that less is more.

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