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This Is The BEST Way For Your Body To Absorb Vitamins, with Better & Better Founder, Vladimir Vukicevic

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Talking through the best way your body can absorb vitamins (psssst it's not through a pill). How do we know the vitamins are being absorbed? What's the absorption and biochemical process?

BONUS: We both didn't know we're childhood cancer survivors! And where this leads us to the topic of oral health and later health related issues with teeth.

Better & Better's Mission: We are embedding health and wellness into existing habits. For instance, our 2-in-1 toothpaste gives a dose of vitamins D and B12 simply by brushing your teeth.

About our guest, Vladimir Vukicevic:
Vladimir Vukicevic is the CEO & Co-Founder of Better & Better. He is an entrepreneur who founded two successful companies (Meural, RocketHub) prior to starting Better & Better. Vladimir believes that existing habits are powerful and can be made even better to improve our wellbeing and our world.

IG: @becomebetterandbetter

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