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How To Eat Like A Champion Food & Nutrition Tips, with Team Kitchen CEO & Co-Founder, Craig Knowles

Ever stop and wonder how top athletes perform when on the go to keep their health and nutrition at its peak? Or, what's really inside those fuel and gel packs that we may not know about? Team Kitchen CEO & Co-Founder, Craig Knowles was thinking the same when he discovered all the hidden junk in most athletic fuel and decided to recreate a nourishing fuel that was cleaner, no fake additives and actually tastes good!

Team Kitchen's Mission: Most sports food is junk food. We offer a natural alternative.

About our guest, Craig Knowles:
Team Kitchen is the company that my wife and I founded to make the clean energy snack we’d been looking for to fuel our workouts, but couldn’t find. Prior to Team kitchen, I worked as a creative director and copywriter in advertising agencies in New York, Canada and New Zealand. I’m originally from New Zealand. In my downtime, which there isn’t much of at the moment, I like to go cycling.


About the Host: 

Sara Quiriconi is an actress, artist, entrepreneur and creative storyteller, inspired and driven to empower others to be resilient, never settle, live well and live free. 

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