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How Success Happened For Beauty Entrepreneur Sarah Maxwell, Founder of Sarah Maxwell Beauty

Lash expert, Sarah Maxwell, discovered her talent for beauty years ago working with some of Hollywood's elite talent perfecting their brows. Being in the service industry and excelling, she started to wonder, what's the next level I can take this to?

From service industry to thriving beauty entrepreneur, listen in to Sarah's entrepreneurial journey that can help inspire you or answer your questions around scaling your services as a provider to a full-time successful business.

Sarah's Mission:
Two fold of solutions, result driven, easy to use products and empowering others to create their dream job too.

About our guest, Sarah Maxwell:
LA based lash expert and makeup artist Sarah Maxwell has forged a name for herself through her artistic subtlety, signature red carpet looks, and professionally trained eye. Sarah’s work continuously graces film premieres, executive summits, and gala events — any occasion where her clients rely on her to look their very best. 

Founded in 2019, Sarah Maxwell Beauty was launched with the belief that her exclusive products and expert lash techniques — once available only to her personal clients — could be accessible to anyone.

IG: @sarahmaxwellbeauty

About the Host:

Sara Quiriconi is an actress, artist, entrepreneur and creative storyteller, inspired and driven to empower others to be resilient, never settle, live well and live free.

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