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How To Increase Your Immune System When Flying, with Kaeli Bauman, Co-founder of FLIGHTFUD Beauty

Travel is notorious for wrecking havoc on our immune health and overall well-being. However, what if we could change that with some fresher habits and CHOICE as we head back full swing once again into travel?

This interview with veteran traveler and former flight attendant, Kaeli Bauman, talks through the top 6 ways travel affects your health and what we can do about it to keep our immune systems functioning at top level and reduce any signs of fatigue or wear and tear from traveling on a plane.

Kaeli's Mission: To revolutionize and empower travelers with better health and the future of wellness in travel.

Co-founder of emerging travel wellness brand FLIGHTFUD. While Kaeli worked as a flight attendant after college she noticed how her body responded to the demands of frequent flying and looked for a nutritional product which supported her body in the air. When she couldn’t find such a product, she set out to create FLIGHTFUD’s flagship product, Flight Elixir, a functional drink mix to address the health effects of flying so that you can enjoy both the journey and the destination, and arrive ready to hit the ground running once you land.About our guest, Kaeli Bauman:

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