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Social Media Start Up and Tips for Small Businesses and Creators, with Co-Founders Marc Chouen & Stony Browder

Hear the story and mission behind Local Media's birth, growth and now success as a strategy marketing social media company, with tips for all small businesses and creators to learn from.

The pandemic has brought a lot of changes to our lives. It has also presented us with some unique opportunities to start our own business. This is the perfect time to take control of our lives and break away from the idea that we have to live the life society tells us to.

We can use this opportunity to create something new, something that will inspire others and make a difference in their lives. We can use this time to find our purpose and pursue it with passion. We can take control of our destiny, become entrepreneurs, and aspire to inspire ourselves and others by starting our own business during this pandemic. 

Local Media's Story & Mission:

When the pandemic hit, as an actor, I couldn’t do anything really. All of a sudden my main stream of revenue was gone. No one knew what was going on. My friend, Stony, was laid off. So we decided to start a business together. We came up with the idea based on: what do we believe in, what are we good at, what are our resources, and what does the world need right now. Hence how Local Media was born!

Instagram: @_LocalMedia

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Sara Quiriconi is an actress, host, writer, producer and wellth entrepreneur, inspired and driven to empower others to be resilient, never settle, travel well and live free.

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