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The Key To Having More Intimate Conversations is THIS, with Live Deeply's Founder, Jenny Dalio

Intimate conversations are the key to having meaningful and fulfilling relationships. But how do you create deeper connections with the people you talk to? The answer lies in asking better questions and using communication tools that help you connect more deeply with people.

In this podcast interview with LiveDeeply Founder, Jenny Dalio, we’ll explore why having more intimate conversations is so important, and how you can use specific communication tools to create a deeper connection. So, if you want to learn how to have more intimate conversations, tune in!

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Live Deeply's Mission:

From the moment I could talk, I was asking existential questions. Why are we here, and what makes life worthwhile?  Along the way, I discovered that for me, a prerequisite for a purposeful life involves meaningful relationships. And these are built through deep and enriching conversations.

I’m also challenging the way that people gather. So often, I go to events where every detail is meticulously thought out, but no attention is given to the guest’s emotional experience. Do they feel intimidated? Free to be themselves?

About Jenny Dalio:

Jenny Dalio is the founder of Live Deeply, a company that helps people discover the intrinsic joy derived from authentic relationships. Jenny has hosted gatherings across the world, led retreats, moderated business events, volunteered at a suicide hotline, hosted a TED dinner, and more. She is a sought-after speaker dedicated to helping people build connection and community.  

A native of Buenos Aires, Jenny became the first female curator of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers. She speaks English, Spanish, Italian, and French and enjoys building community in every city she visits, creating new links and learning about the cultures that surround it.

Instagram: @welivedeeply
LinkedIn: @livedeeply


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About the Host:

Sara Quiriconi is an actress, host, writer, producer and wellth entrepreneur, inspired and driven to empower others to be resilient, never settle, travel well and live free.

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