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How To Age Well and What Healthcare Has Backwards, with Health Entrepreneur Doctor Forrest Sauer

Aging is a natural process that we all go through, but it doesn't have to be a negative experience. With the right healthcare and lifestyle choices, we can age well and even thrive in our later years. But unfortunately, our current healthcare system has some things backwards when it comes to aging. In this podcast, Forrest and I discuss how to age well and what healthcare has backwards when it comes to helping us stay healthy as we get older.

Hear Forrest’s story of inspiration in today’s podcast. One of the greatest gifts we have in this life is the gift of hope and purpose. Without hope and  purpose, life can feel like going through the motions.

Dr. Forrest's Mission:

Forrest found himself in his early 20’s feeling fat, sick, and depressed. Even while achieving his doctorate in chiropractic he was told "this is how life was". After attending a nutrition seminar with a friend, he had his first exposure to the world of functional wellness and a glimmer of hope. It was life changing for Forrest, he found his purpose coaching and impacting thousands of lives by educating people on better health and seeking their purpose.

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Sara Quiriconi is an actress, host, writer, producer and wellth entrepreneur, inspired and driven to empower others to be resilient, never settle, travel well and live free.

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