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Create Your Own Success In the Entertainment Industry, with Executive Producer and Host, Christine Curran

Are you looking for inspiration to become successful in the entertainment industry? This video showcases the journey of one female producer who created her own mark. Learn from her story and gain insight into how to make a name for yourself while monetizing your creativity, and surround yourself by powerful individuals while doing it. Discover how she achieved success, never let any life challenge stand in her way and start making your own progress today!

Christine's Mission:

Christine Curran is the founder and host of a female foodie lifestyle show called Dining Divas TV which is now scaling to the Dining Empire. She also founded the WEMP Token, a crypto currency geared to educating women about cryptocurrency while giving back to charities and women entrepreneurs. She is the host and partner of an Oscar style award show, the “Influential Model Awards” that ties in to her eco system of projects. 

Instagram: @christinecurran
Facebook: @christinecurran

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About the Host:

Sara Quiriconi is an actress, host, writer, producer and wellth entrepreneur, inspired and driven to empower others to be resilient, never settle, travel well and live free.

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